The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), founded in 1996 in Germany, is an international organization working in the field of minority governance and conflict resolution. Through action-oriented projects, practice and policy-oriented research, information gathering and documentation, and advisory services, ECMI advances majority-minority relations throughout Europe and its neighbourhood. With its headquarters in Flensburg, Germany – together with its currently two regional offices based in Tbilisi, Georgia and Priština, Kosovo – ECMI contributes to the strengthening of legislation and best practices in minority governance. Correspondingly, ECMI enhances the capacity of civil society and governments to encourage constructive relations between minorities and states.

ECMI has been operating a Caucasus office based in Tbilisi since 2003 where it works towards building stable and inclusive democracies throughout the region, particularly in Georgia. ECMI Caucasus works to improve the competencies of minority organizations and assists governments in building institutional capacities to develop and implement policies on national minority issues. In particular, ECMI Caucasus works closely with Georgian state agencies – such as the Public Defender, Office of The State Minister of Georgia for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, and Presidential Advisor on Minority Issues – as well as with international organizations and national NGOs to ensure the involvement of national minorities in consultations on state policies affecting minority communities. More »

ECMI Caucasus new office address

Working Hours:
Monday-Friday from 09:30 - 18:00

27a, N. Ramishvili Str.
0179, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: +995 32 2 10 33 05;
Email: Contact Us

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ECMI Annual programme 2015

ECMI comprehensive Annual Programme 2015 released, features on page 36-41 activities planned for ECMI Caucasus. One of the highlights is collaboration with the Ministry of Reconciliation and Civil Equality on the new strategy for minority inclusion. Another one is promotion of Cultural Routes of National Minorities that will support development of tourism in minority inhabited regions by providing information on historical heritage sites as educational itineraries to present cultural diversity of Georgia.

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Concluding Activities in Samtskhe-Javakheti

On 17/12 European Center for Minority Issues conducted two activities in Akhaltsikhe: Read More

Concluding Activities in Kakheti Region

On 16/12 European Center for Minority Issues conducted two activities in Telavi: Read More

Training in Lagodekhi

A concluding activity of training sessions on Georgia’s European Integration and Minority Involvement was organized on December 8 in Leliani, Lagodekhi. Read More

Commemoration day of Deported Meskhetians

On 14 November Caucasian House in cooperation with the European Center for Minority Issues – Caucasus organized an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the deportation of around 100 000 Muslim Meskhetians by the former USSR in 1944. Read More

Supporting the repatriation of persons deported from Georgia in the 1940s and their descendants

ECMI Caucasus' report for UN Women presents analysis of and recommendations for meeting needs and priorities of women and girls of ten minority groups - Armenian, Avar, Azerbaijani, Kist/Chechen, Meskhetian, Ossetian, Roma, Russian Dukhobor, Russian Molokan and Udi, mainly inhabiting two regions of Georgia - Kakheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti. The report analyses access to public services, education, healthcare as primary priorities but also at women position in the family and participation in public life. Despite many efforts of civil society organizations and gender equality declarations on the part of the government, ethnic minority women are marginalized on labor market are often in disadvantaged position in terms of economic empowerment.

For smaller minorities who are bilingual the claim of insufficient knowledge of state language to assume positions in local or state civil service is not really valid.

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Public Lecture in Kvemo Kartli, Rustavi

Last session of public lecture was held by ECMI in Kvemo Kartli, Rustavi at Ekvtime Takaishvili Teaching Univeristy. On the 19th of December in cooperation with the university administration Maka Alioghli, one of the most experienced and successful ethnic Azerbaijani experts, has delivered a lecture on European Union and opportunities for the youth.Read More

Commemoration in Akhaltsikhe of 70 years of Meskhetian Deportations

On 17th of November, a commemoration event was held in Akhaltsikhe dedicated to the 70 year anniversary of deportations of Meskhetian Muslim population from the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1944. Read More