The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), founded in 1996 in Germany, is an international organization working in the field of minority governance and conflict resolution. Through action-oriented projects, practice and policy-oriented research, information gathering and documentation, and advisory services, ECMI advances majority-minority relations throughout Europe and its neighbourhood. With its headquarters in Flensburg, Germany – together with its currently two regional offices based in Tbilisi, Georgia and Priština, Kosovo – ECMI contributes to the strengthening of legislation and best practices in minority governance. Correspondingly, ECMI enhances the capacity of civil society and governments to encourage constructive relations between minorities and states.

ECMI has been operating a Caucasus office based in Tbilisi since 2003 where it works towards building stable and inclusive democracies throughout the region, particularly in Georgia. ECMI Caucasus works to improve the competencies of minority organizations and assists governments in building institutional capacities to develop and implement policies on national minority issues. In particular, ECMI Caucasus works closely with Georgian state agencies – such as the Public Defender, the State Ministy for Reconciliation and Civil Integration, and Presidential Advisor on Minority Issues – as well as with international organizations and national NGOs to ensure the involvement of national minorities in consultations on state policies affecting minority communities. More »

ECMI Caucasus wishes happy Easter

The office will be closed from 18-22 April for Easter break

ECMI Caucasus launched Eastern Partnership Minority Network programme activities in Belarus

On 8-9 April 2014 ECMI Caucasus conducted series of events in Minsk, Belarus under the EU Eastern Partnership Minorities Network Project. The events were co-organized by local partners The Republican Centre for National Cultures and the Society “Radzima” Read More

Seminar on Reform of the local self-government in Georgia for Council of National Minorities

In collaboration and support from Polish Aid, a seminar was conducted on 23 January for members of the Council of National Minorities (CNM). Polish Aid has closely collaborated with the Ministry for Regional Development and Infrastructure, sharing Polish experience of such reform in preparation of the Georgian Self-government Code. A representative of the Polish Aid Mr Jerzy Rohozinski from the Embassy of Poland in Georgia, outlined the Polish proposal for Georgia, its modalities and implications, in particular how minorities can benefit from such reform. Read More

Eastern Partnership Minority Network project update for CNM members

EaP Minority Network MRGE Project Coordinator Shorena Kobaidze and ECMI Caucasus Project Manager Giorgi Sordia updated on 23 January, members of the Council of National Minorities and presented plans for the activities in 2014. The key event to take place in Tbilisi will be the Forum, to which members of the Minority Network from other EaP countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine will be invited. Read More

Supporting the repatriation of persons deported from Georgia in the 1940s and their descendants

Principles of inter-cultural dialogue in Georgia discussed at winter school in Bazaleti

ECMI Caucasus researchers and experts delivered lectures in different aspects of national and religious minority issues in Georgia and a need for inter-cultural dialogue. The following topics were presented and discussed: ethnic/religious minorities in Georgia, state policies towards minorities, minority governance issues in Georgia and other European countries. An example of a comparative case study of Lithuania was discussed in relation to interethnic situation there and in Georgia. Presentations were followed by active discussions and debates about different aspects of minority policies and problems. The Winter School 2014 is organized by Georgia Free University in Bazaleti campus. The Winter School was attended by 60 undergraduate students from different Georgian universities. Visit Event Page on Facebook

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Tbilisi

ECMI Caucasus participated in the Holocaust Remembrance ceremony on 27 January, as proclaimed by the UN. In Georgia, the Jewish community mentioned not only Jewish population that perished during the Holocaust, but also Roma and other groups that suffered during the Nazi regime and who are still under pressure – Roma, religious minorities and sexual minorities. Read More