ECMI Annual Report 2014

ECMI Annual Report 2014 presents activities of ECMI Headquarters in Flensburg, Georgia and Kosovo in the context of Eastern Partnership Programmes as well as Europeanisation perspective. ECMI Caucaus is featured on pp 20-21.

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Local Advocacy Campaigns on the participation of minorities in public life and decision-making in Georgia

ECMI Caucasus in collaboration with MRGE Coordinator has selected four among 18 submitted proposals for the implementation of the Local Advocacy Campaigns through the open call. The campaigns aim at promotion of awareness on the rights of minorities at local levels through cooperation with local authorities and non-governmental organizations informing about the modalities of EU Eastern Partnership programs.

The Campaigns will cover regions of dense minority settlements: Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli.

  • 1. Association “UDI” will be implementing: Advocacy for Udi Language Protection and Teaching at Schools. The project will support survival of the Udi language at local and central level through preparing materials for teaching it in public schools.
  • 2. NGO “Madli” will be promoting Raising Awareness of the Rights of Ethnic Minorities of Lagodekhi Municipality in the context of EU-Georgia Association Agreement and Eastern Partnership. The main activities will be directed towards information and confidence-building in cooperation between Local Authorities and ethnic minority communities.
  • 3. Civic Development Center (CDC) is involved in promotion of civic activism in Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda. The project Expert Dialogue will campaign for better inclusion of minorities in public life of the region through round-tables and joint trainings with local authorities on public participation as reflected in the modalities of Eastern Partnership and the role of minorities and their organizations.
  • 4. Education and Labour Association (ELA) is implementing Raising Awareness of Ethnic Minority Groups on advantages of Eastern Partnership for ethnic Azerbaijani population in Kvemo Kartli. One of the activities - a talk show on Marneuli television will address the issue of participation in local governance and how the local communities can use the funds accessible under the Eastern Partnership.
  • The local advocacy campaigns are part of “Eastern Partnership Minorities Network” Programme in Georgia, financially supported by the European Union.

    Minorities in UPR 2015

    ECMI Caucasus, in cooperation with partner organizations, has submitted a shadow report for the 2nd Cycle of United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. Reporting aims at highlighting the issues at international level, which require much of at attention from the government in order to guarantee protection of national minority rights and fulfil commitments undertaken by Georgia. The 2nd Cycle of Universal Periodic Review for Georgia is planned on the 23rd Session in October-November 2015.

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    ECMI Caucasus conducted 2 focus groups in Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki

    On August 24, ECMI Caucasus conducted 2 focus groups in Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki as the municipalities of with the largest number of ethnic Armenians. 10-10 participants were invited to discuss problems ethnic Armenians are facing in regard to the elections and their participation. Read More

    Research on Electoral behavior of ethnic minority Armenians living in Samtskhe-Javakheti

    ECMI Caucasus in cooperation with Public Movement "Multinational Georgia" and support of CEC is conducting a research on Electoral behavior of ethnic minority Armenians living in Samtskhe-Javakheti. Read More

    Roma issues on Georgian Public Broadcast channel

    Elene Proshikian, Project Assistant at ECMI Caucasus, speaking on Roma Community of Georgia on Channel 1 - Georgian Public Broadcasting. 06/07/2015

    ECMI Caucasus hosted a group of students of political science

    On July 20 ECMI Caucasus hosted a group of students of political science within a Study Trip program to Georgia organized by the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) for 22 motivated students from all over the world in order to learn more about Georgia, its history and its political circumstances. Read More

    Supporting the repatriation of persons deported from Georgia in the 1940s and their descendants